About Clips for GROW

About Clips for GROW

With Clips for GROW, you can contribute by expressing your point of view in an animation video and by distributing it. So feel the impact, be inspired, and surprise yourself and all your friends with a unique video that you can share on your own Facebook page.   

What are you going to do?

Does your school participate in Clips for GROW? If so, you can partake in the HOLY lesson program in which you will soon become an expert in the field of soy and palm oil production, and in which you will get to know the ways in which the production of these resources leads to the unequal global distribution of food.

Your ideas are the foundation for an animation video that you can create at school. Take full advantage of your creativity: with your video, you automatically participate in the Clips for GROW national campaign contest. HOLY makes sure that your video will be available everywhere.

Make your own clip   

At school, workshop instructors will educate you about the HOLY Animator. With the instructor and a classmate, you will create an animation video. You can choose your own graphics, texts, and sounds. Your animation video will then be online, where you could share it with all your friends through social media.       

Become a Clips for GROW campaign leader!

Together with your class, you will run a social media campaign for the equal global distribution of food. You will receive tips and tricks from a professional campaign leader! Your Clips-for-GROW campaign is part of the global Oxfam-Novib-GROW campaign. The best videos will be shown internationally!                   

Foundation HOLY

Clips for GROW was initiated by Foundation HOLY in collaboration with Oxfam Novib. Since 2002, Foundation HOLY organises unique educational projects for youth between 12 to 18 years old, bringing together critical thinking, ICT, and creativity. Check out www.holy.nl for possible topics, workshops, or a Partnership.

Introduction Nominated Clips for GROW

“The workshop was profound and allowed pupils to think hard about the theme. It really helped make them conscious!”
Teacher at Heerbeeck College in Best
It’s important to provide room for the voices and the imagination of young people.
Merel Mirage